13 October, 2008

04 October, 2008

Jeremy at his game against N Central- Sept 2008

All I can say is they are all so BEAUTIFUL

What a bunch of good look-in boys and men!!

We are having so much fun!!!!!!!!!!

Angie recieved her Graduation Quilt a few years late but so happy to get it. The quilt has a message from everyone in the family, we love you Angie and so proud of you.....

Angie and Cooper- Family Reunion 2008

27 March, 2008

It snowed yesterday and today and we are suppose to get more snow this weekend...... I can't believe it.... It was to cold for the Easter Bunny to hide his eggs outside this year, so in the house he came and made a mess.

I'm wearing my flip flops today hoping that the warmer weather will come. My toes will get cold in the snow but its SPRING....

11 March, 2008

Can anything be cuter than this......

08 March, 2008

The Maui coast, wishing we were back sitting on the beach reading a book and taking in the rays. Its been a long winter.............

27 February, 2008

26 February, 2008

Families Gather

What do you think of this sign???

President Hinkley at Spokane Temple Dedication
Elder Haight is in the background!

The Sunset of our Lives

A View From Mt Spokane